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Thinking Twice About European Cabinetry?

In all the years we’ve been representing LEICHT in the U.S., we can boil down homeowners’ hesitations into the five most common objections. Let's review them.

I can’t afford it.

Some people automatically assume imported European cabinetry is going to be beyond their budget — until we provide them with some food for thought. The exchange rate (Euros to dollars) has been favorable, so much so that many of our customers are surprised at their quotes; they thought it would cost more.

LEICHT is the most value-oriented brand, and the biggest cabinetmaker in Europe, so you benefit from economies of scale, especially when it comes to shipping costs. We also work directly with the company, which cuts out a middleman and can result in savings of up to 30%.

It will take too long.

Yes, it will take 10-12 weeks to receive your order from Europe, so that’s why we work backward, so to speak. For full kitchen remodels, we schedule the cabinetry to go in last, after even the flooring and painting, so there’s really no wait time; when the cabinets arrive, they’ll be the last piece of the “puzzle.”

The longer timeline reflects the quality of the product more than the distance it has to travel. And, LEICHT proudly stands behind everything it produces.

I want to buy “made in the USA.”

That is certainly your right, but are you willing to sacrifice quality to do so? It might make you feel better to know LEICHT is a very green company that uses sustainable materials and replenishes areas where its raw materials are harvested. And, you’ll be supporting the U.S. economy by working with local installers.

Replacement parts will take forever to get to me.

That’s just not true. We may have the part you need in our warehouse, and if we don’t, LEICHT will send it via UPS right away — and it will arrive in 2-4 weeks. This is not likely to be an issue after installation, since LEICHT parts are built to last.

I’ll need to sacrifice flexibility.

Again, that is not the case. LEICHT cabinets are almost semi-custom, as there are 3 different looking lines and 8 different price points. Almost all the cabinets are customizable in height, depth and width, to ensure the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Did we cover your hesitations?

If so, we hope you feel better about making a decision to choose LEICHT for your kitchen cabinets. If you have a concern we didn’t cover, feel free to contact us so we can address it. Remember, you do get what you pay for — and LEICHT cabinets are built for the long term.


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