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About Us

Studio Europa Inc. is San Diego’s exclusive LEICHT dealer. We are a full service firm offering our valued clients the full range of LEICHT and Pedini products as well as a menu of supporting services to choose from. Our experienced team is ready to collaborate and support you at any stage of your renovation- from planning and design, to remodel and installation. Our design professionals are ready to listen and help bring your vision to life.

Studio Europa Inc.

Resource Partner and Collaborator with Clients and Industry Peers

Studio Europa Inc. Founders

Markus Zaugg & Eva Clemens

Eva & Markus learned the custom woodworking and cabinetry trade in Europe over 25 years ago and at Studio Europa they have built a team of highly skilled craftspeople with years of training in the art of fine woodworking.

Eva Clemens

  • 4 year Swiss cabinet making degree

  • BFA Interior Design, Design Institute of San Diego

  • Co-founder, CFO & Principal Designer at Studio Europa 


Markus Zaugg

  • 4 year Swiss cabinet making degree

  • Licensed general contractor since 1999

  • Co-founder, President, general contractor at Studio Europa

Eva Clemens

Senior Designer

After 30+ years in the industry, Eva lovingly calls her business the ‘never-ending class she is taking’… She is enjoying design and working with clients just as when she first started. But her experience helps clients break down a scary and overwhelming process into small and easily manageable steps to reach their ultimate goal: Good design, functionality, proportion, material choices that relate to their life-style and working with in their budget.

On days off, Eva loves yoga, skiing and playing tennis where, in 1992 she proudly lost to Martina Hingis in a Swiss Tournament! She loves live music and pursues painting, all without a brush. Using objects to spread Acrylics across a canvas, one layer at a time, seeing what reveals itself, and knowing when to stop, never ceases to get old.

Markus Zaugg

Co-Founder, President & General Contractor

After moving to San Diego from Switzerland in 1998, Markus broke into the industry as an installer, then kitchen design and sales at Home Depot Expo. In 2001 he met Eva, secured his state contractor's license, and they opened a custom cabinetry shop together called Studio Europa. Shortly thereafter, Markus and Eva were introduced to LEICHT and opened San Diego's exclusive LEICHT dealership. 

When Markus isn't taking on multi-unit projects, you'll find him doing yoga, biking, or snowboarding. He enjoys going home to Switzerland once a year to spend time with family and friends. 


Project Coordinator

Debra Diaz manages project coordination for Studio Europa Inc. Debra comes to us from Texas with 10 years of experience as an Office Manager with 4 years at a Restoration Company and some 6 years with a General Contractor focusing on Fire and Water Restoration. She enjoys working with customers and providing the assurance needed and keeping them up to date with their project as this is typically a wonderful but stressful time

Some of Debra’s hobbies include reading, enjoying outdoor activities, especially now here in San Diego were she lives.


LEICHT Installer

Roman comes to us with over 10 years of experience installing European and custom cabinetry. He also has worked in other areas of construction including electrical, plumbing, framing, and general construction supervision. His education includes a 4-year technical degree in Electrical-HVAC, as well as Quality Assurance software testing.

Roman enjoys fishing, bike riding, and is dedicated to raising a wonderful family. We are excited to have Roman join the Studio Europa Leicht Team.


Kitchen Designer

Duaa went to architecture school because solving puzzles is her strength since she was born,  enjoying to create things and putting things together from scratch. After graduating she started her career as a drafter, she enjoyed helping other designers with their design drawings and bring their ideas to life by working on professional architectural software. During that period, sherealized how important and complicated designing a kitchen is, also it was her favorite part to design as an Architectural interior designer.


She found herself joining the Studio Europa Inc.  team because it included everything above by giving herthe freedom to create her designs, in addition to the modern and the minimalistic style that she isin love with.  Duaa spent her childhood away from the beach, since she grew up in Iraq away from the sea, and since she moved to San Diego, always finds herself at the beach enjoying the perfect weather and the view. She also loves driving around the country exploring new places, cultures and food. 


LEICHT Installer

Born and raised in Switzerland, Kevin has always been interested in woodworking. After graduating from his 4-year apprenticeship Kevin has worked in various different aspects of the cabinet-making industry. He has a well-rounded understanding of high-end European cabinets, because of his experience working in production, installation, CNC operation, and managing. Over the years, Kevin has worked in Switzerland, the United States, and New Zealand.


In his free time you can find Kevin mostly in the outdoors as he loves to go hiking, camping, and biking all over Southern California. Him and his wife also love to explore the world together as they have traveled to Europe, Asia and Oceania in the past. 



Greg was  born and raised fifth-generation Southern California native. Over the course of his career, he has worked in all factions of business. Beginning part-time in high school for the family business and rising up to top-level management, Greg most enjoys behind the scenes administrative support roles and is a stickler for detail. The economic downturn of 2008 created new opportunities for him. He relocated to San Diego from the LA area, and hasn’t looked back!


Greg enjoys watching baseball, softball, and soccer. He is a major foodie. Along with his partner and my (Shiba Inu) dog in toe, Greg is always on the search for the next best taco or burger. He loves to travel. and his favorite destinations include Shanghai, Dublin, Mexico City, and Austin TX.

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