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10 Modern Ideas For Small Kitchens

You’re starting to research a kitchen remodel - what a great idea! A kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to keep your home up to date as well as keep your home’s value high in case you entertain a refinance or need to sell. As one of the most widely used and versatile rooms in your home it also tends to require maintenance, upkeep and a remodel more quickly than other rooms.

But your kitchen is small so you’re wondering how to get the most “bang for you buck”? Let us assure you - the size of your kitchen will not limit your possibilities! You can get everything you want in your small kitchen! It just may take a bit more planning - but your dream kitchen is in your future. So what does it take to create a new, modern look and feel in your small kitchen?


Kitchens are just like everything else- the lighter the color, the bigger it feels, so aim to keep paint colors and cabinets light. Of course, white opens up the space the most, but you aren’t stuck with just white. Using your favorite contrasting colors can create depth - and an optical illusion of a bigger feel. Also-consider high gloss lacquers or frosted glass cabinet doors for color and contrast.

Hide household eyesores

Too many appliances and kitchen gadgets on counter tops can create a cluttered and therefore smaller feel. Hide trash cans, clutter and appliances behind cupboards. Planning ahead for these appliances helps you create appropriate cabinets for them.

Clever storage

Get clever with storage options. Pull out drawers, storage in corners “tight space pantry” for spices, etc.

Make every inch of wall count

Use all available wall space! Get creative with shelving, flexible storage and hanging storage items like baskets. Turn every corner into storage. Think gaps between shelves, back of cupboards, under the sink, unused corners and windowsills and built ins where appropriate.

Swap the kitchen table for a kitchen island

The kitchen island is the latest in modern kitchen design but kitchen islands add ample seating AND ample storage. Islands have room for everything from additional drawers and cabinets to space for wine storage, microwaves and even vegetable sinks!

Floor to ceiling cabinetry

Longer, taller cabinetry is another tactic to increase storage space in small kitchens but the long silhouette adds height and the illusion of a larger space.

Cabinet Styles Matter

Keep cabinets simple for big effect. Flat-panel cabinets are most often seen in contemporary kitchens, but small kitchens as well. They feature minimal design and embellishment, focusing on simple natural materials. Shaker style cabinets are also modern and work well in smaller spaces due to their simple and clean lines.


Refrain from large, bulky and ornate hardware in small kitchens to avoid handles and hardware from literally sticking out into kitchen space. These also distract from clean lines from simple cabinet choices. There are many choices of knobs and pulls and mixing and matching is always fun. For contemporary kitchens, consider placing pulls on the doors horizontally for an ultra-modern look!

Light it up

Recessed lighting is a good choice in small kitchens as they give maximum versatility and functionality in lighting. Another trick is lighting all the corners. Light up all available space giving the illusion of a larger space. To reduce large fixtures, use under cabinet lighting. Another lighting tip for small and modern spaces is to use translucent shades like glass or crystal.

Custom Paneling

Large stainless steel appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers can make a kitchen feel quite small quite fast. Where you can, panel your appliances. Custom paneling looks clean and seamless and is picking up speed in contemporary kitchen design. Consider paneling a few and leaving a few stainless steel.

Work with your Leicht kitchen designer to plan and design your small kitchen remodel. When planning correctly, you not only utilize the space to its fullest but also gain valuable space so you can include all the luxury and modernization you and your kitchen deserves!


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