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Hatchway Home

Atelier CHALK | The Sea Ranch, CA

Starting with a breath-taking Ocean View in Sea Ranch CA, the homes understated modern simplicity, it is no wonder that this Home turns out to be one of our entire Teams favorite! LEICHT was especially suited for the kitchen because the client wanted a hidden entry into the garage, and a coffee station that could be closed off when the morning came to an end and to support the clean and minimalistic design. Both, the pocket door coffee station, and the secret doorway are standard LEICHT products. The new wall-paneling was eventually chosen for its outdoor and indoor use, and was made an architectural detail especially in the kitchen area.

It was a pleasure to work closely with the Architect/ Home owner who had great design ideas and beautiful details in mind and understood the process.

By collaborating, we were able to turn his clear vision into reality.

Designer: Eva Clemens Studio Europa Inc. Photography & Architect: Atelier CHALK / Hatchway Home

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