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Bold + Expressive
Loft Kitchen

This inspired ultra-modern kitchen exudes beauty, luxury and elegance at every step. The design plays in the expressive edges of a dark and luxurious color palette, in the delightful subtleties of grey and black. Original loft elements like the light concrete walls and ceilings are a defining architectural element, and they provide a warm accent to the bold design.


The interplay of color, material, light and transparency were a central consideration for the homeowners. The back wall includes Leicht high gloss carbon grey lacquer cabinets, a textured dark granite countertop, and brushed stainless steel Gaggenau ovens, and a highly reflective black glass backsplash. The Leicht island and connecting table bring in the textures and tones of marble and wood.


While dark colors dominate the composition, a intricate, highly tunable voice-activated lighting system plays a central role in animating the kitchen. Overhead, under cabinet, in cabinet, hood, railing, shelf, and recessed handle lighting accentuate the design features and can be adjusted according to the activity at hand, and the mood desired.


The homeowners, one a visual effects artist, and the other a trained chef, worked hand-in-hand with Studio Europa Leicht to create this sophisticated and highly functional space.

Kitchen Design, Studio Europa LEICHT

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